Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cruising in our His and Hers Etrikes

Me, Diana Limjoco, and our daughter
Alysha in our Et3 electric trike.
When we got the first Electric Trikes in February I was content to be driven around in one. I would drive them around the lot at our Green Tech EcoCenter, but that was as far as I got and Dave Dewbre, electric vehicle specialist and consultant, didn't feel comfortable with me driving around town in it until I was really familiar with it.

I have a broken left wrist and if you hit a bump, the handlebars can get jerked out of your hands easily, so he didn't want me to re-injure it.  One day I decided to take it to town when Dave was busy and I haven't let go of it since. I am no longer content with being a passenger! I even confiscated Dave's limited edition eTrike with the cool waterproof bullet speakers hooked up to my iPod! Now I drive everywhere in it.   I even pick Alysha up from my mom's about 5 Km alway in it. Alysha has no idea how lucky she is yet to be driven around in an electric vehicle, but hopefully someday she will!

Driving through traffic to the wet market gets a little stinky having to breathe the fumes the traditional gas trikes emit. For the sake of progress and setting a good example, I've leaned in and taken one for the E-team! At sunset, drving in it on the highway away from the traffic, with my music playing, no motor sound to take away from the fidelity! Amazing! Last night driving to town was a dream. Amazing clouds, breeze in my hair, my tunes going! Ahhhhhhhh! Truly a pleasure.

Last night Dave and I went cruising in our His and Hers eTrikes. What a kick. Someone said we looked like "aging" Hell's Angel's riders! Oh well! We are having the time of our lives. We went to Shakey's Pizza Parlor and parked on Rizal Ave, and created quite a stir. Then on to Taverna Luna, a new restaurant not quite open, but we met the owner a couple of nights ago and hit it off, so we stopped in there to say hello! I can't wait till it's open.....good food to be had there to be sure!

Dave and I enjoy taking the children at the Baywalk for free rides in the evenings on the weekends.  It exposes them to the idea of electric trikes and alternate energy. They look forward to the free rides when ever we go there.

At the New Market in San José, Puerto Princesa. Today I let Dave drive me around this day since I had to buy so many things at the new market!

From New Market we went to Honda Bay pier where a lady made fresh lamayo for me.

Now I hate to take anything out but the E-trike! I've gotten so much confidence in them. We live about 8 or 9 kms from the only Supermarket, NCCC, I take it there.  I take it all over town, and in the evening,
At the airport with a couple of my favorite PPC Tourism Guides.

A jaunt to Honday bay pier and back. At night before we sleep, we plug them in. I haven't been able to find out how much it costs to run in on our electricity bill. The bill seems to be the same, even charging up two eTrikes and Dave's electric motorbike! Gone are my 12K php gasoline bills to run the Expedition.
ET3 at Honda Bay Dock
The ride home
Dave has gotten a dedicated meter, and we will charge the etrikes up on it next time so we hill have an accurate reading as to how much electricity they consume. So far, hands down, I love the maintenance free ease of using these. The ability to just pull over on the narrow roads, unlike trying to part the car! I've discovered a whole new Puerto Princesa in it.
Taken this morning shopping at the Bagsakan or New Public market.


  1. I wished that we could do this in the United States. E awareness is just starting in our country. It would be difficult to move around in traffic with everyone driving big cars and trucks. Andrew

  2. E vehicle, e-bike, e-trike = wave of the future. There's no stopping, all we need is the nedessary structures-charging stations and ample supply of spare parts esp. the batteries (lithium ion is recommended, more expensive than the standard lead acid batteries) It's worth it.


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