Friday, September 21, 2012

Electric Tricycles Philippnes- Good idea - bad roll outs

This is one of two articles I have found recently about the down side of e-trikes in the Philippines being rolled out.

To quote the article:
By Sabrina Gacad, Walden Bello

"There is no disputing the fact that vehicles running on alternative energy are good for the environment. Today, there is universal recognition that coal and fossil fuels are the main contributors to global warming and climate change, and their fluctuating prices cause economic instability, leaving peoples in the developing world vulnerable to the periodic shocks of the market. It is not surprising therefore that alternative energy takes centerstage in issues of sustainable development, and that people expect regional development banks like the ADB to support alternative energy projects.'

However, the program design and the loan package are riddled with problems and loopholes that defeat the the objective of promoting and developing the alternative energy vehicles industry in the Philippines. It also leaves the project highly vulnerable to large-scale corruption."

The electric tricycles that have already been rolled out are rife with problems. Most don't function properly, from bad motors to controllers, to important instruments that don't work at all. The safety features such as blinkers, wind shield wipers, battery charge indicators and such, are are reportedly not working in about 30 of the vehicles across the country.  After sales service seems to be sorely lacking according to those that have purchased the units.

Here is another article, this one on the opinion of Greenpeace:

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