Friday, March 26, 2010

Electric trikes for campaining

We took the trikes out on the campaign trail for Mayor Edward Hagedorn who is a pioneer in the development of electric tricycles. You cannot be missed in one of these units! Everyone was cheering them on and very proud that their mayor is so innovative and cares for their environment.

Dave Dewbre- electric vehicle specialist and consultant, driving his personal electric trike for Mayor Hagedorn's campaign motorcade.

Monday, March 15, 2010

E-trikes on Our Awesome Planet

March 15, 2010- Behind the scenes of film shoot for Our Awesome Planet pilot episode at our Green Tech EcoCenter. We haven't been told when it will be shown on TV yet, but will keep you posted.

The host, Anton Diaz and I hit it off as soon as he found out I was a blogger and SEO geek. Turns out he is too...WOW a kindred spirit in geekiness!!! Awesome indeed!

I can't wait to see what else they filmed in Puerto Princesa and other parts of Palawan.

Film crew at work.

Zoom, zoom! Away we went! Dave zoomed us around the Eco Center lot and then onto the National Highway to show Anton Diaz how fast the etrikes could go. He couldn't believe they were really silent...what a joy to ride in.
Our Awesome Planet website at:
Dave website:
Diana website:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Electric Trike in Balayong Parade

Electric Trike in Balayong Parade in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines -March 3, 2010
Montri Manzano driving the Eagle Etrike in the Balayong Parade March 3, 2010

L to R: Diana Limjoco Mayor Ed Hagedorn rode in our Eagle electric trike for the Parade.

L to R: Montri Manzano, PPC councilman Miguel Cuaderno, Dave Dewbre EVC (electric Vehicle Consultant), and Poch Lauron

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Electric Trike at Night

Wow an orange almost full moon tonight on the way to show the E-trike to some ladies helping the city of Puerto Princesa with the integrated toursim program in town. Nice easy ride with the sexy blue glow of the LED lights Dave Dewbre, electric vehicle specialist and consultant, had installed on the bottom edge and window inside the passenger cabin. Beautiful cool night air. A lovely evening indeed.

I especially loved it when Merle and Celia boarded and Dave took off from their hotel with not even the sound of whooosh. It was the intake and exhale of their own breaths of surprise, delight and awe when the vehicle took off and not a sound was heard but their own gasps of pleasure and glee.
We all felt like Queens driving around with the looks from the bystanders and people we passed in the streets!

It was Dave's idea to add the cool blue lights on the interior and bottom rim of the E-trike. The lights make the vehicle very visible at night. He even found some cool lights that use the wind to generate twinking lights on the front of the E trike to give it even more visibility while running at night, but no drain on the batteries.

At the Baywalk downtown, the children enjoy free rides from Dave. They have gotten used to seeing us now and look forward to the rides!