Saturday, September 11, 2010

Electric Tricycles for Puerto Princesa International Airport


First electric tricycles as taxis for Puerto Princesa - the eTraxi

Mayor Edward Hagedorn of Puerto Princesa City, Palawan has recently ordered the first batch of forty (40) electric tricycles (eTrikes) to serve as taxis to and from the Puerto Princesa City International Airport. The eTrikes will be supplied by local assembler Green Tech EcoCenter (GTE) in partnership with PhUV Inc., the business arm of the Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers Association of the Phils. (MVPMAP).

"Since the eTrikes will be locally assembled using a fiberglass body that is also locally made, this project not only helps clean the air in Puerto Princesa but also provides local employment and marginal businesses for local enterprises", says Mayor Hagedorn after inspecting GTE's prototype of the eTrike, the first ever fully assembled in Puerto Princesa.

He explains that his long-term vision is to actually replace all 4,000 gasoline-powered tricycles in Puerto Princesa City with eTrikes as part of his Clean Air Project aimed at preserving the blue skies and fresh air in the city. "Aside from helping protect our environment, this project will also transfer electric tricycle technology to our locals and enhance the skills of our local tinsmiths, welders, auto painters, auto mechanics, auto electricians, upholsterers, trimmers, assemblers and fiberglass makers".

Diana Limjoco, GTE president, says that what GTE will make commercially available is the 4th generation of GTE's eTrike or the ET4. "This will be a full electric vehicle running solely on pure battery power. It will be powered by a 5 kw electric motor that can more than cope with large loads of luggage and six passengers comfortably seated, without straining the motor. This electric motor is of a more advanced technology as it is equipped with an internal cooling fan", she explains. The genius behind the development of the current etrikes is Limjoco hubby, Dave Dewbre who has acted as consultant on the project.

Left to Right: Dave Dewbre, developer of the eTrikes, Mr. Labit, Rebecca Labit-Asst. City Admin.
Diana J. Limjoco, President Green Tech EcoCenter, Mayor Ed Hagedorn, AV Abelson,
Marine biologist hired by PPC to survey the local reefs.

"The development of the eTrike has been fast-tracked as we are fortunate enough to have as our partner PhUV Inc., the assembler of the electric Jeepneys in Manila. They supplied us with some of the parts we needed and technology they themselves have acquired in their three-year experience in locally assembling and servicing eJeepneys. We believe that this partnership will produce an eTrike that will soon be a mini taxi, not only in Puerto Princesa but throughout the Philippines as well", she concludes.

 Green Tech EcoCenter has been commissioned by the City of Puerto Princesa to create the first of 50 electric tricycles  to service the International Airport.

Mayor Edward Hagedorn is a pioneer in electric trikes.  He and a team headed by Mr. Rolly Conception created the first electric tricycle in the Philippines in 2006.
The original ET#1 Trikebayan electric motorcycle conversion- 2008
Left: Rolly Conception far right: Mayor Edward Hagedorn

ET#2 (Electric Tricycle) 2nd generation all electric 3000 KW
motor, attached to an existing sidecare. Still running to date. Joint effort of
Dave Dewbre and Eagle motorcycle team.

ET#3 - 3rd generation 3000 kw prototype full body connected etrike.

This is the ongoing clean air project to continue his and the council's vision to keep air pollution down in Puerto Princesa by eventually converting all of the 4000 gas powered tricycles over time to all electric.
Dave explaining the parts to Mayor Ed Hagedorn and
Assist. City Administrator Rebecca Labit.
This project will create new jobs for the people of  Puerto Princesa by training electric mechanics, fiber glass body makers, welders, and trainers.
PHuv makers of the electric Jeepney plying the roads of Makati, and Green Tech EcoCenter have teamed up to create a new hybrid to conform to the needs of the airport trike.

UPDATE AS OF August 2012 - We have moved our research and development of electric vehicles to our sustainable farm in Luzviminda, Puerto Princesa. Instead of manufacturing the etrikes, Dave Dewbre has moved into consulting with etrike makers and end users. He also trains ev techncians in the proper use and maintenance of all electric vehicles with a two day course.

Green Tech EcoCenter Puerto Princesa maintains and services all of the City's electric vehicles. We fuel our staff ebikes with solar power!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tone Mcguire

Sept. 5, 2010 at Dad's 91st birthday luncheom.
L to Right: Emma, Diana J. Limjoco, Toné Mcguire, Dave Dewbre
holding Alysha our lil gal who since infancy has been
driven around in electric motorbikes.

My dad, Ramon Arguelles Limjoco, celebrated his 91st birthday on Sept. 2010 and Mayor Hagedorn was his guest of honor. He in turn brought Toné McGuire who flew in from Hawaii to get footage for a National Geographic project.

When he heard about Mayor Hagedorn's EV project, he became interested in the history and our involvement in them. He came out to our Green Tech EcoCenter on the National Highway to check them out, be driven around in and test drive an eTrike first hand.

Dave showing how the 3000 watt eTrike runs.

Toné particularly liked that the 5000 watt electric motorbike had no sound but for the gravel beneath the tires.

Dave has driven this particular eMotorbike model for several years,
only upping the wattage as improvements are made to it.

Interviewing Diana J Limjoco for his new documentary called
"A City in a Forest" all about Puerto Princesa.