Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Electric Trikes on the Farm

We recently bought a little 2 hectare farm in Barangay Luzviminda. Dave Dewbre hooked up the electric tricycle to the trailer and we brought it with us the other day. The farm is only 31 kilometers away from where we live, well within the range, but the roads are under construction right now so he thought it best to just haul it until the roads are completed.

In Puerto Princesa City the people are used to seeing us drive them around and seeing the other electric vehicles we are testing and researching, but in this little farming and fishing village, they thought we were from outer space!

The farm is right off a brand new cemented road in Barangay Luzviminda. It takes us about 35 minutes to the farm from where we used to in San Jose, Puerto Princesa, Palawan.

Across the bay is the City of Puerto Princesa. It's overcrowded with streets too narrow for today's traffic! Also very heavily congested with gas tricycles! Stinky and noisy! Hopefully they will create this as a twin city with the right proportions!

The pier at Barangay Mangingisda is about 8 minutes from our semi sustainable farm. It's been hellishly hot lately, so we trek to the pier with the kids to cool off when we go out there. The waters there are so clean. The gas tricycle drivers were so amazed by the electric version of their gas guzzlers!