Sunday, September 5, 2010

Tone Mcguire

Sept. 5, 2010 at Dad's 91st birthday luncheom.
L to Right: Emma, Diana J. Limjoco, Toné Mcguire, Dave Dewbre
holding Alysha our lil gal who since infancy has been
driven around in electric motorbikes.

My dad, Ramon Arguelles Limjoco, celebrated his 91st birthday on Sept. 2010 and Mayor Hagedorn was his guest of honor. He in turn brought Toné McGuire who flew in from Hawaii to get footage for a National Geographic project.

When he heard about Mayor Hagedorn's EV project, he became interested in the history and our involvement in them. He came out to our Green Tech EcoCenter on the National Highway to check them out, be driven around in and test drive an eTrike first hand.

Dave showing how the 3000 watt eTrike runs.

Toné particularly liked that the 5000 watt electric motorbike had no sound but for the gravel beneath the tires.

Dave has driven this particular eMotorbike model for several years,
only upping the wattage as improvements are made to it.

Interviewing Diana J Limjoco for his new documentary called
"A City in a Forest" all about Puerto Princesa.

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  1. I loved filming Diana and Dave with their Etrikes... I just uploaded footage from my HD camera and look forwards to reviewing it with them when I return there in December. They are on the tip of an iceberg that is about to change the way transportation can be done in an eco clean way.... Kudos to the both of them for having so much talent and strength to follow through with such a big task. I think these two are incredible people.


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