Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Virtual Electric Trike ride to Honda Bay

A friend of mine lent me his GoPro action cam which has a very wide angle. I filmed this of me driving my ET3 electric trike prototype to Honda Bay in Puerto Princesa using the camera mounted at the back of the electric tricycle. It's part of one of the day tours and it's where you load up into a motorized pump boat which then takes you around to all the islands.

This was edited by my friend TonĂ© Mcguire, whose camera it was, (he was lucky to get it back), and he also dubbed in his own sountrack. My ET3 trike does have it's own set of DWG waterproof motorcycle speakers which really roar, but I didn't have his music loaded onto my iPod that day.

We have developed a prototype electric tricycle called the ET4 for the Puerto Princesa International Airport with the backing of ecology minded Mayor of Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Edward Hagedorn.

This video can also be viewed at:


  1. Pretty good post. I hope you create more in the future..

  2. Hi, it's good to have etrikes in Puerto Princesa, I'm so proud for Mayor Hagedorn for having this project in the City, but I would like to request a design better than this one, because its so small, only two passengers can ride at the same time, and there is possibility that the passengers will get wet during rainy days.


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