Thursday, November 25, 2010

ET3 eTrikes - various about town and Eco Center photos

My personal eTrike gussied up for Christmas Season 2010.

At work at Green Tech Eco Center, Dave Dewbre is far right. Our ace mechanic to my left in back of my Et3. GTE is the only dedicated all electric Service Center in the Nation! An electric service station is so much cleaner than gas counterparts. No oils dripping all over floor! Dave and I are the onky two individuals in the entire nation, that I know of, that drive eTrikes as their daily personal means of transportation. I've been able to save minimun 16,000. PhP monthly by driving this unit.

At Kinabuch Restaurant and Bar on Rizal Ave. downtown Puerto Princesa. The eTrikes always cause a stir and tourists like to have photos of themselves in it. We really don't mind since we want people to get familiar with eVehicles.

Et3s at Kinabuch Restaurant and Bar earlier at dusk.
Diana J. Limjoco with electric trikes at Baywalk Jan. 2, 2010

Annual Christmas tree in Puerto Princesa, it's quite huge as you can see from the comparison to our etrike.
View from inside my eTrike at Baywalk, Puerto Princesa.

Dave uses his GPS receiver to make his way around town. The streets are not labled properly yet.

Our electric trikes at home and Dave's 5000 watt electric motorcycle.

Mayor Edward Hagedorn dropped by Green Tech Eco Center to talk about the new et4 and check out the et3 again. Jan.2, 2010

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