Thursday, December 30, 2010

Electric vehicle Toddler

Alysha Ariela in her new electric car. That's my ET3 eTrike in back of her which she is used to riding in with me when we go out and about town doing our errands togehter.
Our daughter Alysha Ariela has been driven around in one form of electric vehicle or another since infancy. It was a natural request to us when, at 3 years old, she asked Santa for an electric car of her very own. You can't start early enough teaching a child to love our planet and do things in life that will help our mother earth.
Alysha in my ET3 e-Trike at GT Eco Center, Puerto Princesa
Palawan, Philipines. We, I believe are the FIRST all electric
vehicle family in the Philippines as far as them being our every day
vehicle. It looks like she's thinking, "I can't wait till I'm big enough
to drive mommy's trike!

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Alysha in her electric car next to mom and pop's e-Trikes at GT Eco Center

Alysha was learning how to drive her eCar in the test lot with me leading in my own ET3 eTrike. She went round in circles perfectly with me and when she saw the ramp we drive the eVehicles up to the GT Eco Center showroon everyday, she went right up with no reservations what-so-ever.

Filmed with my GoPro Hero action Cam

If you click this link to the movie on youtube, there is actually music. I am not sure why it won't play the music when you embed the movie in a blog.

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