Sunday, September 2, 2012

New Puerto Princesa electric tricycles

Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines - Sept. 3, 2012

Six new electric tricycles have arrived in for a test.

I can't say anything about them, only show you the photos since I haven't had a chance to ride in them yet.

The only comment I have is that I read in several news articles that the batteries were to be lithium, and these are not.

eTrike from the rear.

Puerto Princesa Electric tricycle side.

My issue with the electric vehicle going to market now, is the lack of after sales service.  Seems like I am not the only one. Read this article -

Also, they have solar panels, which won't actually charge all those batteries in this etrike, but it will help when they are parked for long periods of time.

Several private parties have contacted Dave Dewbre, EV consultant with many issues of the newly released electric trikes other than the one's pictured here. I can't help but wonder why they keep going to him and not the original manufacturers, except they aren't getting any help from them.

Here's a government issued press release.

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